Certified lighting for wine, beer and champagne cellars

Certified lighting for wine, beer and champagne cellars

Lighting is not about placing luminaires. We need to use the right one. When lighting cellars, we need to choose the ones that don’t affect the properties of wine, beer and champagne.

They are photo-sensible, meaning they are negatively affected by natural light and standard light sources, such as fluorescent or halogen lamps, due to UV rays and heat. This is why cellars tend to be dark and bottles coloured.

During alcoholic fermentation, yeast produces riboflavin. Part of the energy emitted by the light source is absorbed by riboflavin, which triggers chemical reactions that can cause progressive discoloration, reduction of the olfactory and visual properties, as well as, the appearance of light-struck taste and an atypical ageing.

The new ZALUX BASE D.O. guarantees protection in cellars with high humidity and dust while covering the right lighting needs:

  • Specific amber LED colour with dominant wavelength (>95%) 590 nm.
  • The absence of UV radiation and blue wavelengths benefits storage of wine and champagne.
  • Certified by an external laboratory following the Champagne Committee requirements based in the amber luminaire qualification protocol for bottle storage.

Cellars demand lighting solutions that take care of wine, beer and champagne natural properties and ZALUX BASE D.O. is certified and safe for them.