Customized luminaires for your specifications

Customized luminaires for your specifications

Our SOF team is a specialized engineering area belonging to the Sales Department, always ready and excited to help you fulfil specific project requirements.

This committed team is focused to adapt day by day to meet different specifications in and agile and reliable way. Thanks to their proactivity and technical knowledge, SOF team can also adapt our manufacturing means to get all the flexibility that you need.

Our aim is to provide you the right product under your specific requirements, while complying with the same quality standards as in our standard portfolio. From a different housing colour to the incorporation of an advanced lighting control system or characteristics from the Human Centric Lighting approach.

Do you want to know some of our successful projects?

  • Replacement LED KIT for a traditional weatherproof luminaire, which is sustainable, with all the circular economy benefits and ready for the installer to incorporate a NON SELV LED light engine.
  • A specific light temperature with red spectrum suitable to work with animals in labs.
  • Luminaires ready for central battery systems or with a specific emergency luminous flux.
  • Special controls, such as DMX, commonly used in stage lighting.
  • Different light colours, luminous flux, independent starts, special connectors and wiring…

And many more!

Just contact us with your requirements and the SOF team will analyse the technical feasibility of your request to find the most competitive and appropriate solution for you.